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Answering Your Questions

How do you know what tasks need to be done?

Before we start with you, we meet with you, to have a greater understanding of what you require.  Once we have agreed on the services you would like us to complete, we then turn this into a checklist.  Our checklists are an essential part of the process, ensuring the team knows what needs to be done and provides you the peace of mind you deserve.

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Things might change from time to time, can I add these when needed?

Absolutely!  All we need is for you to let us know in advance, and we can schedule this accordingly.  There may be a slight change in the fee charged, which you will be advised of. 

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Can you organise dry cleaning/alterations?

Definitely! We collect your garments on the day which suits you and then ensure they are returned on the day you would like.  If you have preference for a dry cleaner, we are happy to use their services.  If you require a faster turn around this can be arranged at an agreed fee. To see how we can help you, please reach out to us. 

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How does the service work?

We prefer to Keep It Simple.  Starting with an initial conversation, we learn about your situation and what you would like us to do.  The next step is to figure out how often you would like us to come by and then determine price.  Once agreed we start and help you keep your life under control. To find out more, please do reach out to us. 

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Are your staff security checked?

Yes they are.  We need to be 1000% confident of the people who make up our team, so our staff are required to complete police checks before they can begin.  Furthermore, we request each person to complete a health check to ensure they are fit enough to complete the work required.  If you would like to see our process, please reach out to us. 

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How do I make payment?

Depending upon the service and how often, payment is usually made in advance. You have the option to pay by bank transfer or by credit card.  For our regular ongoing service, this can be setup as an automatic payment.  To find out what service best suits you, please do reach out to us. 

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