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Keeping On Top Of The Clutter

“My dad engaged Shan and the team to assist with organising and decluttering our 4 bedroom home.  I’m one of three teenage boys of a single father, so you can only imagine...our house resembled a bachelor pad! Thanks to Above & Beyond, they gave us back our home, cleaning everything top to toe. Our home is now like a navy ship with everything in its rightful place!” - Sean, Hamilton

Frustrated because you’re surrounded by ‘stuff’? And you’re struggling to stay on top of it?  In our busy lives today, it can happen so easily.  That’s why Above & Beyond is here to help. 

Whether you're looking to declutter or downsize your life, or this is for a loved one, our team is here to help.  We realise that for some people it can be a very challenging time in your life, so we have a number of options for you to consider.  

We organise storage facilities, storage boxes and rubbish skips, as well as provide a full clean before we hand you back your home.

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Additional Home Organising Services

Carpet Clean

Complete thorough steam Carpet Clean in all areas of your home

Furniture Steam Clean

Complete thorough steam of furniture such as chairs, lounge suites and beds

Regular House Clean

Includes kitchen, 3 x bathrooms, laundry clean, vacuum and mop floors

Pantry Restock

Replenish your cleaned cupboards and fridge with healthy and fresh food

Home Repairs & Maintenance

Fix holes, broken pieces and hazardous areas so your house is a safe home

Pest Control & Inspections

Keep pests such as ants, termites and cockroaches away forever

Tired of house cleaning?  At Above & Beyond we Get Things Done - On Time, All the Time.  Contact us now to find out about these additional services. 

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Need assistance with your home and personal life?

Going Above & Beyond - Getting things done, on time all the time

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